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Please click on these links for technical, operational and service manuals of our products. We also provide literature in multiple languages. Please contact our office if you do not find your product in the list below.

 Productline  Product Operation Manual Engine Operation
Engine Service
 Tiller CRT1350LS CRT1350LS      हिन्दी-मराठी BS-Engine  BS-Engine
TR530 TR530              हिन्दी-मराठी EX-Manual EX-Service
 Tiller T85RS T85RS              हिन्दी-मराठी EX-Manual EX-Service
 Tiller T560RS T560RS            हिन्दी-मराठी EX-Manual EX-Service
 Tiller T50RS T50RS              हिन्दी-मराठी  EX-Manual  EX-Service
 Tiller CRT81 CRT81              हिन्दी-मराठी  BS-Engine  BS-Engine
 Tiller CRT51 CRT51              हिन्दी-मराठी  BS-Engine   BS-Engine 
 Tiller T25RS T25RS EH-Service  EH-Service 
 Tiller T300RS T300RS EH-Manual  EH-Service 
 Brushcutter 143RII 143RII In-Built  In-Built
 Brushcutter 133R 133R  In-Built  In-Built 
 Brushcutter 343FR 343FR  In-Built  In-Built 
 Trimmer 128C 128C  In-Built  In-Built 
 Clearing Saw 343F 343F In-Built In-Built
 Chainsaw 236 236  In-Built  In-Built 
 Chainsaw T435 T435  In-Built  In-Built
 Blower 130BT 130BT   In-Built  In-Built 
 Lawn Mower LB48 LB48 In-Built  In-Built 
 Lawn Mower 54 54 None None
 Sprayer RV-15 RV-15 None None
 Sprayer ES-15DX
In-Built  In-Built 
 SE Pump SE-25L  

 SEV Pump SEV-25L SEV    
 SE Pump SE-50EXK SE-EX    Hidels EY-Manual EY-Service
 SE Pump SE-80EXK SE-EX    Hidels  EY-Manual EY-Service
 SER Pump SER-40EX SE-EX    Hidels EX-Manual  EX-Service
 SER Pump SER-50EX SE-EX    Hidels    EX-Manual  EX-Service